What we are:

Hong Kong Policy Research Institute was set up in 1995, in response to the historical changes brought about by the return of Hong Kong’s sovereignty to China in 1997.

Its members come from various social sectors, including academic, professional, business, education, cultural, etc. We care about and actively participate in the development of Hong Kong and the mainland.

With an open mind and through research and activities, we seek to communicate and cooperate with other organizations to foster local development so as to meet changes and new challenges. We also aim at dedicating our efforts to contribute to the modernization of China and her interface with the modern world.

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What we do:

As an independent, non-profit think-tank of the local civil society,

  • We conduct research on the major issues of Hong Kong’s future development, foster public discussion, and put forward new ideas and proposals.
  • We do our best to conduct research and analysis in scientific ways, and we use long-term perspectives when studying the future development of HKSAR and China.
  • With an open mind and inclusive attitude, we value objectivity and reasoning. We are receptive to different opinions, and we seek to foster communication and understanding among various organizations, in order to bring about social consensus.
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